On-Time Traffic Data Collection in BC

You can count on us.

Premiere Traffic Data Services thrives to deliver accurate traffic data, on time. We work to ensure all of our staff are trained on the most current and relevant data collection methods to suit every need within the transportation engineering industry. Communication is a key factor in ensuring our clients’ success, we will always aim to exceed your expectations.


Turning Movement Counts

We provide full service TMC data at intersections throughout British Columbia, using the appropriate data collection methods based on your project needs. Classifications for intersection counts can include some or all of the following classifications; Regular Vehicles, Light Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Pedestrians. For alternative classifications that are not listed here, please contact us to arrange a strategy and quote. At Premiere Traffic Data Services, we aim to ensure that our clients needs are met from the initial quote request all the way through to the timely delivery of the validated TMC data.

Automatic Counts

Traffic counts on main roadways, rural, urban, multi-lane are an essential component to modern transportation planning. We are here to determine and undertake many different methods to collect Speed, Volume and Classified traffic data to fit your project requirements. At Premiere, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure safe and accurate collection of almost any roadway in BC that you may require data.


An increasing number of roundabouts being constructed throughout BC are making the collection of these types of traffic intersections essential to our suite of tools at Premiere. These counts can include some or all of the following classifications; Regular Vehicles, Light Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Pedestrians. Roundabout TMCs are more labour intensive and typically require additional efforts to collect and report, however, our focus on these types of counts in order to ensure accuracy is a methodology based plan that ensures safety for our teams and reliable, accurate data for our clients.

Radar Studies

When Radar Studies are required, we aim to provide the most typical and un-influenced dataset for your project. We encourage communication on the overall project requirements, which is essential to ensure you are receiving the reports that accurately represent your needs.

Pathway Studies

Whether it is a multi-use pathway or a simple bikeway that requires counting, we will choose the most efficient and accurate way to collect this data. There are a vast range of possible pathway classifications , which we confidently adapt our collection methods to ensure you are getting the data that you need for your project.

Queue Studies

Conducting a queue study at any intersection takes meticulous planning and scheduling. We have the knowledge and equipment to collect data at almost any location you require. Queue Studies are another essential component to traffic planning, we work hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency when conducting these types of traffic counts. 

Travel Time Surveys

A to B.. or A to B to C to.. At Premiere, we will work with you to make sure that your project is completed to your exact specifications when it comes to Travel Time Surveys. Scheduling and planning are key components to make sure that we successfully deliver the data you require, in a timely manner. 

About Premiere Traffic Data Services

Premiere Traffic Data Services is a BC owned company that conducts various types of traffic studies all over British Columbia. Our data collection services are typically required for transportation engineering throughout BC, working closely with engineering firms, local cities and municipalities as well as the provincial government.